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Added 7 Aug 2012
gregkey10 Aug 2012love this shot, very coquettish, perfect expression..!!
CCP22 Aug 2012Great image. Lovely body, shame about the tattoos though. You were already perfect without them!
swalsh5810 Oct 2012I look at this and I see Victoria Beckham! Yep Posh Spice! Nicely done.
BicycleRacer10 Jan 2013Love the ink !!
mr_mick8 April 2013Im lovin it !!!!!!!
sweetspot9 Oct 2013love this. coy suits you well haha
kbg_131 Oct 2013Love the look and body art
Enigmatic15 Jan 2014Great shot
SteveH325 March 2017Cute !
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