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Added 6 Aug 2012
carshaltonkev6 Aug 2012FABULOUS! I love it!
Spooky6 Aug 2012Great image! Imaginative, colorful and, above all, topical. Great work, Spike!
Jack_Russell6 Aug 2012Fab job. Go team GB
Pete78906 Aug 2012Super job....it's all there! AMAZING!
RupertRudd6 Aug 2012Cracking good idea and concept. Really well executed. My respect to both model, photographer and the post processor / editor. Timely.
AnnaKalek6 Aug 2012awesome, well done!
alshepherd6 Aug 2012I have no real words for how awesome this is x
isnakebite7 Aug 2012Very, very clever, a touch of genius perhaps.Loving it.
DavidHunt7 Aug 2012Great idea, very well executed and currently relevant.
panda497 Aug 2012hope you got permission for olympic rings or locog will be after you nice shot
studio177 Aug 2012WOW - Amazing image - beautiful
Roswell_Ivory7 Aug 2012AMAZING!
keith_g7 Aug 2012Brilliant.
PeacheZ29 Aug 2012Amazing!!
Blacklion3 Sep 2012Great idea. Well done!
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