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Added 24 July 2012
nessie24 July 2012We need to shoot - simples!
GRPhotography24 July 2012fabulous
wq0pco24 July 2012Stunning!!
LowSociety24 July 2012Beautiful - stunning model and fantastic photographs. WOW!
RazorSharpImages24 July 2012Great work, beautiful shots
amvma27 July 2012Great images.
Mchafs28 July 2012Beautiful image.
Appleofmypie29 July 2012Lookin hot girrrrrllll
BFP_Darren_Stokes31 July 2012this is ur best shot yet i think, although we havent shot together yet u r by far my favourite model on hear x
andybramahphotograph31 July 2012lovely face shots-honest !
John_Adrian_Studios5 Aug 2012Lovely images.
Mchafs6 Aug 2012Top notch.
fotographseu6 Aug 2012best images in your portfolio....lighting and expression spot on
mxposure19 Aug 2012Lovely
Phil_M27 Aug 2012Superb images angelique,mshame you are so far from me
kaleyfisher13 Sep 2012Wow... you are SO beautiful!
PHOTOROL21 Sep 2012Great B&W set
AJSPhotographic23 Sep 2012Awesome!
ryansd6 Oct 2012simply wonderful
Calandra_Images4 Nov 2012Stunning - great b/w images!
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