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Added 5 July 2012
smdphotography5 July 2012Awesome! I love your port.
twentytwenty6 July 2012This is awesome. superb pose. facial expression, but what an outstanding Portfolio.
andybramahphotograph6 July 2012love this image,great pose. very moody and suggestive.
Siras6 July 2012Terrific image, stunning pose!
cziiki7 July 2012such a lot of really great pics! You either choose lots of great photographers, or you inspire them!
ninacarmel29 July 2012Really like this!
MattReeves17 Oct 2012I don't know if it's the absence of underwear, the pose or the colours in this image, but it really catches your eye when looking through your great portfolio. Congrats to you and the Photographer on a brilliant image.
simm631 March 2013Really nice!!
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