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Added 23 May 2012
63jian23 May 2012Very captivating.
Great Stuff.
dede23 May 2012WOW this is amazing! x
StephStephxx23 May 2012Love this!
Madisonbass24 May 2012what a brill shot.love it.
Nel0524 May 2012gorgeous
Tayla24 May 2012Wow! <3
UrbanoModa24 May 2012Mega thumbs up
rmdphotos24 May 2012WOW WOW WOW i love this ... stunning
DCox24 May 2012wonderful
jac4925 May 2012Great shot - well done both of you.

Especial Kudos also for getting so wet and cold - you must have been in the water, too!!!!!
canescence25 May 2012Fabulous, fabulous image, really haunting.
kristen_x25 May 2012fantastic, i love it!
pel125 May 2012stunning, stunning, stunning. not the usual meat market tipe stuff u get on here. wow
louise2226 May 2012wow stunning pic
strawman26 May 2012Brilliant!
corbystock26 May 2012Stunning
RedHead1 June 2012This is one of the best shots ive ever seen. Im totally in love with it! x
RebeccaAmy8 June 2012Yes, yes, yes...it's just yes.
Polish_Delicious18 June 2012This is soo amazing !!
MissChloe7 July 2012wow! Love it! Brave! Executed! Bravo to both photographer and model
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