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Added 22 May 2012


Serena23 May 2012I'm a pre-raphaelite addict so this ticks all the boxes! Nicely composed and looks real rather than ridiculous. Excellent.
Pip8623 May 2012Fabulous!
carshaltonkev23 May 2012Wow! Ophelia! I have been wanting to take this photo since 1978! You have done a great job here. Not an easy one to execute. Excellent!
jes24 May 2012Really nicely done!
Spooky24 May 2012Quality interpretation of a classic image!
Jack_Russell7 Feb 2013Excellent work indeed
ZombieCandy1 April 2013Beautifully done
BelladonnaBlack7 April 2013This is beautiful
RayneBeaux31 Aug 2013Beautiful work!
anomie3 Feb 2014Love this!
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