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Added 27 April 2012
EllaRose27 April 2012Wow!
raven6029 April 2012I love this shot, so natural and yet you belong to the woods behind you.
A woodland elf maybe!

Allan x
disturbed_alt4 May 2012Wow this is awesome!
alice_g9 May 2012Amazing
katiemae3 June 2012Stunning. I love gritty stuff like this
DeeElegia3 June 2012Oh, I do love the mood and grittiness of this. Awesome shot!
Vagra8 June 2012Stunning,simply stunning. Looks like it was shot on HP5 film, love it.
_elegia_14 Sep 2012Favourite <3
Amber63 Nov 2012This is AMAZING, my favourite shot ever of you!
yorkiephotographer25 April 2013Insanely power image and very brave - love the intensity of the make up and stare
SteveH3223 March 2014Great shot
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