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Added 31 March 2012

The Morrigan

Phantom Queen - Celtic goddess of battle and sovereignty who took the shape of a raven
BaileyK1 April 2012Gosh this is AMAZING
IvoryFlame9 April 2012Love the tones and contrast with my outfit and figure here against the rocks, it all works so well, so glad we got the look!!
glamourIcon12 April 2012Brilliant shot
louise2213 April 2012stunning image x
ph_oto1 May 2012Absolutely Beautiful.
dede22 May 2012Love the feel to this image x
Liliana_18 June 2012Wow this is a gorgeous shot! The styling and pose work so well.
RachelLaura10 Dec 2012it just keeps getting better ! .x.
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