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Added 19 March 2012
wq0pco19 March 2012This is another shot I love; very simple but still class!
Belfast_Adult20 March 2012I agree, superb figure!
2RRF1 Nov 2012I agree very simple shot. The great bum makes it special!
alanwilson15 Nov 2012Top notch shot and of course a super duper figure.
SteveH3219 Nov 2012Great shot
AndyHornby8 Dec 2012Great shit
focus_photo3 Jan 2013Great image
DaveinSurrey15 April 2013Hot shot!
ECAWS_FILMS19 April 2013nice and artistic rear shot
Pete78908 May 2013Sooopa!....stylish and sexy!
kerandastudio26 Sep 2013How can an image be so Erotic and Innocent at the same time ?
BicycleRacer11 Sep 2013Great use of a chair !! Superb image
HarryC1 June 2016fabulous art nude - great concept well executed!
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