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Added 15 March 2012
yekim15 March 2012Great image.
xdeex16 March 2012this is AMAZING..your a true inspiration of mine and your on my favourites ..smiles
Scarecrow16 March 2012Love the glam look - almost looks like a completely different person.
Jo_Louise19 March 2012thank you so much
maxina22 March 2012Lovely image x
MarkLF22 March 2012Great look.
MIC27 May 2012Cool image
Hotfrog28 May 2012This is wonderful. Love the composition with the out of focus part on the left. Expression and pose is brilliant !
louisamarie15 June 2012Love this... Gorgeous
louisamarie21 June 2012Sexi....xx
paganimages11 Feb 2013Nice as always Jo, you are quite a class act
Dolly_Gaga31 Oct 2013So beautiful
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