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Added 27 Feb 2012
judy27 Feb 2012Wow this is glorious x
gmcphotography29 Feb 2012A really lovely shot. Well done.
kirkschwarz7 March 2012Wow, how did I miss this... It's awesome and so classic, now my wood shots just make me depressed...
tardis100018 March 2012This is just beautiful
Mcroshaw2 May 2012One of my favourite shots on purestorm.
xdeex29 May 2012STUNNING
oiucheekymonkey7 June 2012Fabulous shot ,love the tones and flow
fotographseu13 Aug 2012composition and lighting....like all your photos are standout
ph_oto24 Aug 2012This is one hell of an image, excellent work.
Spooky7 Oct 2012A very beautiful shot. Location and lighting are fabulous, and the contrast between model and location really make her standout.
elGordo18 Nov 2012Stunning and inspiring!
camy22 Feb 2013amazing xx
EmilyLlewellynBrown29 Oct 2013wonderful! SIMPLY LOVE YOUR IMAGES!
EmilyLlewellynBrown29 Oct 2013wonderful! SIMPLY LOVE YOUR IMAGES!
michelledefeo14 Dec 2013Just wow!!
Vintage_Doll17 Dec 2013Absolutely gorgeous, where was this shot
GkellyMarie11 May 2014In love with this!
BRose1 June 2014I was drawn to this. Wonderful.
MayaValentino23 June 2015Love this xx
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