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Added 9 Dec 2011
HenryMurphy9 Dec 2011Beautiful lighting.
RazorSharpImages9 Dec 2011Classic, lovely shot
andybramahphotograph21 Dec 2011a beautiful face-nicely photographed.
stea15 Feb 2012face = :-D
mph15 Feb 2012Delightful thoughtful image
wayne17 March 2012nice look
ryansd28 March 2012stunning
zoomman30 May 2012Like this a lot..so simple.
PJAMedia31 July 2012Beautiful image!
CLIC_Photography25 Oct 2012exquisite work, wonderful.
pixelliott15 March 2014This is indeed,is a great image worthy of all the comments. But there is is a square patch of light to the right of her wrist that would be better cloned out.Then a great image would benefit from it.Bill.
Hotdrj27 April 2014Beautiful ! Great lighting.
Teko25 Nov 2015Wonderful
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