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Added 6 Dec 2011
celticmist6 Dec 2011This is simply one of the most charming images I have seen on Purestorm in a long time it made me smile. Wonderful and so inventive and creative ... just brilliant!!! Well done.
dancingshoes9 May 2012Made me smile Brilliant.
SLH7922 May 2012I love this Rich xx
gerda_babbii26 July 2012the teddy reading the book done it for me lol love it
AlegraJones1 Aug 2012...he does actually look like he's reading - fab image!
ryansd10 Sep 2012Very good
magnolia28519 Sep 2012What a brilliant setting.
traius8 Feb 2013Brilliant! Love the feeling of the shoot.
carshaltonkev9 Feb 2013How cute! Great execution of an excellent idea! One of the best images on Purestorm.
stevegosh5 May 201310/10
tacharnley6 May 2013Wow, simply one of the best images on Purestorm, sexy, charming, innocent and imaginative. This is what sets the pros apart from amateurs like myself. You have my congrats! I know the model too, isn't it disturbed alt? She looks so beautiful. Did a shoot with her once, wanted another, but never got a reply, maybe she didn't like me. Well done.
Katrina82x24 May 2013Great photo
AlexJ30 Dec 2013very endearing shot, fantastic
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