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Added 4 Dec 2011
j1mmylad10 Feb 2012Awesome x
stea10 Feb 2012like, like, like
PrescotPhoto20 Feb 2012nicely done
pmeu27 Feb 2012I like this a lot.
YellowSnapper27 Feb 2012I have them boxers
DCox27 Feb 2012great pic.....i hope you didnt have to steal those boxers!
RocketMan3 March 2012Nice . Whose the Boss.
FrenchyPhotographer31 July 2012I'm impressed ... beautifull pic ! great work and beautifull body
andybramahphotograph4 Aug 2012Just a great body !
mick5 Aug 2012stunning
SteveH3212 Sep 2012Quality x
alanwilson14 Nov 2012Super concept, well executed. Well done.
Hot247Models21 Jan 2013Stunning x
Harambee21 Jan 2013First time I have seen this image... perfectly timeless and beautifully executed, Love It!
Northernlight073 June 2013Perhaps your strongest image in a very good portfolio
BBManik20 Jan 2014This is incredible
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