This is a list of terms and their explanations for phrases that are used frequently within the modelling/photographer industry.

TFP is an acronym for 'Time for print' also known as tfcd which is 'Time for cd'. This is usually an arrangement between the photographer and the model where a shoot takes place and no money exchanges hands, instead the model recieves a copy of the images on print or cd and the photographer gains more images to add to his/her portfolio. Usually this kind of transaction occurs when both the photographer and model are of an amateur status and one of the main benefits to each party is the extra experience gained during the shoot.

A collection of images that demonstartes the range and skill of either a photographer or model, see here for more details

A troll, or a forum troll, is someone who posts on forums usually with malicious intent, they may also use the PM system to send simialr messages to users. The troll is usually someone who was a prior member but has been suspended or removed from the site and 'trolling' is their way of exacting revenge.

Translates to 'Guy with camera', usually meant to describe someone in a derogatory way. If someone is deeemed to be a GWC they are thought to be someone who is posing as a photographer with the sole intent of taking photographs of naked females for their personal collection.

No Show
Occurs when a shoot is arranged and one of the party fails to turn up without giving prior notice

Adult Work
Frequently misunderstood type of work, 'Adult' means that the type of picture you'll be expected to do are the type of pictures that appear in top shelf magazines. The kind of images you'd typically have to pose for involve nude, open leg shots and the like.