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Added by ChaosOfTrouble - 3 April 2013
I had a great shoot with Graeme on my recent tour of Scotland. He was very respectful and friendly and looked out for my well being whilst we were out on location. He was even kind enough to pick me up from my first location and drop me off at the next point of my tour.. as well as stopping to get pizza which is always a plus :) Overall a lovely guy and he has got some gorgeous images that I'm really proud of :) 100% recommended
Added by JenSomerfield - 6 Sep 2012
Had a wondrous shoot with Graeme last week where I was lucky enough to visit super awesome Scottish places with pizza and rain and welly shopping and much other cool things. A true highlight of my trip. The shoot was a pleasure! Hopefully we will have a sunnier adventure some other time. Definitely fully positively recommended. J x
Added by fizzy - 15 July 2012
Graeme is the kind of photographer that makes you feel very lucky to be a model. He is friendly, considerate, a lovely person and always looks out for your welfare. I had a great shoot with him despite the traditional Scottish summer weather, in some stunning locations. Thanks again for a great shoot xx
Added by IvoryFlame - 4 June 2012
I had a great shoot with Graeme on my last trip up to Scotland, he drove me to a beautiful waterfall location right out of Glasgow, where the water was rather chilly and rocks very slippy to work on, but he was totally professional, considerate and friendly throughout, with great commitment to get the best possible shots - getting cold and wet himself in the river! That's the way to do it :-) I hope to work with him again in future, and would happily recommend him to any other models.
Added by RAUNCHYxxxGERI - 4 Aug 2011
Met Graeme on the 3rd Aug for location waterfall shoot. Great communication and very charming gent indeed. Unfortunately for reasons outwith both our control we were unable to do shoot at desired location, hopefully reschedule soon. Geri x
Added by BonnieScot - 22 June 2011
I have done several shoots with Graeme in the past year and I have always been pleased with the results. He has a real talent for spotting locations and although he is modest his images are a class above his professional status.
Added by Tansy_Blue - 20 June 2011
I had one of my best shoots in a long time with Graeme. He booked me for waterfall nudes, a challenging genre indeed that had me swimming around in freezing rivers and bouncing off rocks. (See his feedback on my profile...) He never pressured me to do anything unsafe, or put me in any danger; that was all my doing. :) In fact he turned up with a big fluffy towelling robe (which he let me keep!), plenty of jaffa cakes, water, and a hot water bottle. I also got KFC after. :D Rarely have I been better looked after by a photographer. He's also great to chat to and gave me a set of very shiny images indeed post shoot. Shoot with this man, he's worth it.
Added by Lokasenna - 25 May 2011
I really loved my photo shoot with Gdelargy last week. I am very happy with the finished photographs we got done. He was reliable, professional and friendly; he helped me relax and I felt very comfortable. He gave me some great tips and direction which I feel will help me in future shoots. Would recommend him to anyone.
Added by Natashascott - 13 March 2011
This guy is one to watch out for! I worked with him in December on a commerical shoot which lead to us working together in the new year, this was his second ever studio shoot and I was very pleased and impressed with the results Graeme is a great guy with a fun personality and he's very professional. I look forward to any future work :)!
Added by Rage - 9 April 2010
Had a great shoot with Graeme today. Great guy, awesome and easy to work with. He had fantastic ideas and the shoot was a lot of fun. I had a great day and would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Would totally work this him again.
Added by roxystardust - 10 March 2011
There are no words to describe the great joy it brings me working with Graeme. I have worked with him many times and each time it has been an absolute pleasure.
Added by Fliss82 - 12 Oct 2009
Had a great shoot with Graeme even with the weather being miserable. I love the result of the photos. We had a laugh during the shoot. Graeme had cool ideas on the day with were fun. Would recomend hin and would work with again!
Added by ZombieSazza - 11 Dec 2009
(September 2009) Amazing guy, great laugh and easy to relax with and he has great ideas for shoots. Amazing photos. I was knew they'd be good but they are truly amazing and beyond what I imagined :) Deffo to be worked with. (December 2009) Had another shoot with GDelargy and it was very relaxed and professional. Good at giving direction with a good imagination, again he has stunned me with his work (I've only had quick peeks on the screen of his Canon) and I can't wait to see the results :)

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22 Sep 2009
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8 April 2014
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I'm an amateur ~ though experienced and fully indemnified ~ photographer primarily focusing on art nude landscapes and waterscapes. Been taking pictures since the 1970s. I'm based near Glasgow but travel throughout Scotland.

Aside from my main interests, I'm also partial to distinctive models: striking features, scars, and tattoos pique my interest more than glossy, pouty, airbrushed aren't-I-pretty magazine-cover types. I'm a fan of disarming contrasts: Goldilocks in an abattoir, blue-eyed cheerleader self-harming, that kind of thing.

• September 2009: ZombieSazza (MM #1477128, PS #171206)
• October 2009: Fliss82 (PS #166074)
• October 2009: Roxy Stardust (MM #825292, PS #141946)
• December 2009: ZombieSazza (MM #1477128, PS #171206)
• January 2010: Roxy Stardust (MM #825292, PS #141946)
• April 2010: Rage (PS #181579, MM #1295941)
• June 2010: Lily LeStrange (MM #1251097)
• June 2010: Karen1985 aka BonnieScot (MM #789965, PS #141014)
• August 2010: Karen1985 aka BonnieScot (MM #789965, PS #141014)
• September 2010: Jennifer Lienig (MM #1696700, PS #192315), Elle McMillan MUA (MM #1814517)
• October 2010: Roxy Stardust (MM #825292, PS #141946)
• December 2010: StaciiDeMencia (MM #1963600) et al
• December 2010: Natasha Scott (MM #1846981, PS #176586) et al
• January 2011: Karen1985 aka BonnieScot (MM #789965, PS #141014)
• February 2011: Roxy Stardust (MM #825292, PS #141946)
• March 2011: Natasha Scott (MM #1846981, PS #176586)
• April 2011: Karen1985 aka BonnieScot (MM #789965, PS #141014)
• May 2011: Lokasenna (PS #207616, MM #2233942)
• June 2011: Tansy Blue (PS #200499, MM #2029313)
• August 2011: Geri Baxter (PS #199030, MM #2227512)
• August 2011: Karen1985 aka BonnieScot (MM #789965, PS #141014)
• April 2012: Ivory Flame (MM #362051, PS #149006)
• June 2012: Keira Grant (MM #799498)
• June 2012: Cassie Jade (MM #866695, PS #112893)
• July 2012: Fizzy (PS #186627, MM #1692148)
• September 2012: Jen Somerfield (PS #200786, MM #2036751)
• October 2012: Roxy Stardust (MM #825292, PS #141946), BuffaloLamb MUA (MM #2260562)
• March 2013: Rachelle Summers (PS #194477, MM #2632619)
• May 2013: Ella Rose (PS #147758, MM #881729)
• June 2013: Fizzy (PS #186627, MM #1692148)
• August 2013: Jen Somerfield (PS #200786, MM #2036751)
• November 2013: Fredau Hoekstra (MM #1379005, PS #187502)

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