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What is your IQ?

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18 October 2009 06:45
United Kingdom

MMM.........It took me several minutes to work out how to click on the link. I took the test twice getting 111 then 108 the second time seems I was a little thicker 2 minutes later (I must be ageing real fast). Decided to take the test once more but this time I didn't even read the questions and took random guesses on every question. Got 98 that time which goes to show that I was right all along and "winging it" is the best way to go (that's how I got my degree). With a score of 98 I can always say with pride that I may not be smart but at least I'm fast and carefree.
By the way what is an OENOPHILE?

18 October 2009 07:13

on that test on the OP's message

normal one 111
extra hard one 114

urgh lol.
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