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08 March 2008 05:54

Name 5 facts about you right now happy4



1. just had a pastie   happy6

2. spilt weetabix down my topsurprised3

3. am tired  sleepy2

4. am going shoppin for underwear any minute now  ashamed1

5. cant wait for tonite happy3

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08 March 2008 05:57

1 . Talking to you tongue3

2. am out tonight

3. not long ago got up

4. not fully dress yet (lazy git morning)

5. getting hungry

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08 March 2008 06:24

1. talking to the "stud" haha

2. singin along

3. pretending am a pop star on the comp chair

4. hoping my mother would hurry up because i wanna go out

5. stuffing my face yet again with chocolate happy7

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10 March 2008 11:59

1. Considering getting a tattoo

2. Hasn't smoked in 9 days.

3. Eating cereal and a banana.

4. In bed!

5. Really pleased with the exam results I just got back

11 March 2008 10:02

1. talking to my good friend darren

2. thinking what other pictures to have on my profile

3. should of gone to college but couldnt be botherd

4. need some chocolate

5. just been the loo happy8

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14 March 2008 12:38

1. just spoke to the bflove5

2. am tierdsleepy2

3. i need to go get changedtongue3

4. just had a pastie happy9

5 i need to sort my head out happy4

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14 March 2008 20:03

1. Well my number one fact was going to be that the cat was being loud at me but he seems to have been let out now rendering my first fact null and void.

2. I have reluctantly switched from cans of coke to bottle coke as cans are far too expensive.

3. I am terrified that I am working in a dead industry.

4. I am about to roll a cigarette as I can no longer afford proper ones due to being poor.

5. I am wearing the sports bra that I accidentally came home with after shooting with Iain, which I shall pay him for should he decide he wants me to, baring in mind that I only found it today and he hasn't missed it yet.

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15 March 2008 16:41
United Kingdom

  1. I turned 23 today
  2. I got engaged last night and am planning my wedding
  3. I have just eaten some curry and it was rank
  4. I am cuddling my pink pony that makes noises
  5. I am very proud of the welsh boys today!
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15 March 2008 19:21

1. I am saying CONGRATULATIONS to Pilli

2. I am hoping she will join me and Pyretta for a shoot

3. I am thinking coke from a bottle sucks

4. I am wearing the same blue hoodie I have worn at my computer for four days (obviously not for ALL of the time)

5. My butt is itchy happy8

16 March 2008 03:38
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1).  Hollie is far too honest.tongue3
2).  Recovering from a 10K run with a strapped up knee this morning.
3).  Drinking cider at 8:00AM!  Bo**ocks to the world!
4).  Listening to Radio Luxumbourg.
5).  Requested 'November Rain - Bon Jovi' a few minutes ago.

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