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The difference 10 years makes

Robert Porcher-Meen is off-linePlatinum Member
03 November 2017 22:01
United Kingdom

I’m at a point in my photography where I’m both a mixture of happy and frustrated!

I’m still in what feels like a dead end full time job trying to avoid getting into huge debt trying to carry on doing what I love, despite the fact we all have suffered from the way the image has had a decrease in value and brand new models with no experience are getting offered paid shoots from experienced photographers and new amateurs!

It’s frustrating to think when I was at a lower level of competence I was getting begged for shoots and not constantly asked for payments, why is it my time is deemed so much less valuable , a model can be in a full time job with barely a pinch of experience in comparison and they instantly ask for money!

So I literally have gone from this




So I just wish purestorm was the hub site it was back then and that we hadn’t lost so many from both sides of the camera.
Now online - - still being worked on ----- If you dont try you wont succeed

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