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CANON EF 200mm F1.8L lens & flight case

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07 November 2015 07:10
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United Kingdom

I have available for sale a Canon EF 200mm F1.8L lens
Complete with detachable lens hood & Canon Flight Case.
This used to be my main lens for international rallying in the good old days.
This was when professional accredited photographers were allowed to pick their own vantage point & airlines turned a blind eye to the quantity of hand luggage one was lugging around!
I have been cutting back on these events & this superb lens has just been gathering dust in the studio so should go to someone who will appreciate it.
In my opinion it is far more versatile & useful than the more popular 300mm F2.8L in that used with a 1.4 converter it becomes a 300mm F2.5.
Drop me a line with any questions.
Open to sensible offers with collection from Worcestershire preferred.

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