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Looking for a group shoot - London/Surrey/Hampshire

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29 August 2015 05:52
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

Quote from swalsh58
; font-family: Tahoma, Arial, Verdana; font-size: 14px; font-style: italic;">You are of course, quite right. Everyone can still learn new techniques and tricks from others. Perhaps you could arrange a social meet up in your area for like minded people and see what develops? Though this site is not as busy as it use to be, draw your own conclusions as to why,

Might it be because when people make perfectly reasonable posts,  that certain memebers here jump on them and try to belittle the OP?  Its exactly why I, and several people I've spoken to, rarely post anything on this site.

In my humble opinion what Jane is suggesting is perfectly reasonable and an excellent way of freshening up a portfolio.  There was simply no justification for trying to cast it in any sort of dubious light.

Maybe I'm being a bit dense here (!),  but your initial post comes across as a poor attempt to grab a bit of attention and/or outrage that someone dare do something without your permission.  However one looks at your posts in this thread,  they feel very negative and totally unreasonable.

As anyone with any sense and experience will know,  its quite easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut.  Having the intelligence and courage to do something about that,  is a good thing.  Its what intelligent adults do.  
As Jane has been around for some time,  I'm sure she is well aware of the likelihood of her thread being hi-jacked.  I can only see positives in the fact that she made the post anyway.
Doing something positive is infinately better than wallowing in negativity and sniping at anyone who has a positive attitude.

Good luck to you Jane,  I hope there are plenty of local people who will join you and benefit from a great suggestion.
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a motorbike and that's pretty close! :o)

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