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New Model..Nothing I've done has been done professional..Constructive Criticism is Very Appreciated

DaphneRaquel is off-line
29 June 2015 16:03

United States
North Carolina

So I'm interested in exploring the modeling industry. I've never worked with a real photographer. I would like some feedback on whether it is worth it or not to pursue this business. Whether my style is appropriate and my areas for growth.

Also, I never see any casting's for NC. Is it rare in my area or something?

Please fill me in, I have a sense of humor and I'm laid back so feel free to be yourself. I'm new, so it'll be appreciated.


Profile Pictures is off-line
29 June 2015 17:25
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

Hi, and first off, its pretty rare this site has much transatlantic interaction. You might find it deathly quiet here. Model Mayhem would be the only site I know where a balance might be in your favour!

it's difficult to assess your style, if it's street fashion you're going for, I think there'd a space for you bit it'd be a limited one I guess based on fashion model stats and body type. I would think though that your know more about that, and the market in the US, better than me.

I think you appear to have some idea about posing at least, not everyone does. With a good stylist and photographer I could see something g interesting happening. However, I'd think it pretty unrealistic that you'd make any kind of decent money at it, thge competition is fierce in that market.

So, if it makes you happy, and you can keep yourself safe, have a go!

redbaron is onlineSilver Member
30 June 2015 08:10
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Hi Daphne. Welcome to Purestorm. Alas this site is primarily UK based. If you use the search tool at the top for photographers in your area it only comes up with 12 and all but two of them have not logged in for years

I would not normally mention other sites on here as I feel it disrespectful to the management but in this case I don't feel it is unreasonable.

Model Mayhem has been mentioned but take care of yourself, I'm aware that a number of models have gone missing in the USA via that site.
OneModelPlace is another big one in the states but will little presence in the UK
There is one other UK site that has a few photographers listed if you do not mind travelling a couple of hundred miles

Hope that helps a little
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