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Any Profoto D1 / B1 owners here?

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
03 March 2015 03:30
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Just curious.... how well do modifiers work on these?  (esp. compared to the Pro / Acute range of heads if you're lucky enough to compare them)

Do softboxes produce even light across the front diffusor or do you get an excessive hot spot? (as there'll be no light reflected off the back-material)
Do hard reflectors actually do anything?  (as little/no light is shooting into the reflector)

I'm thinking along the lines of how the flash tube is positioned in the units as it's recessed and thus cannot fire light sideways or even backwards like standard heads from the Acute or Pro range can.  And obviously only firing forward leads me to assume most modifiers would actually be useless with these units.

I'm wondering as there's some new heads just been announced and yet again they're recessed tube ones and it makes me wonder what their strategy is (as it had always been an emphasis on light quality rather than gimmicks but clearly this is changing).
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