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Can you still get photo shoots/paid work while conceiving?

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25 August 2014 05:53
United Kingdom

Quote from RedChecker
You can actually get decent money going through the motions of conceiving on camera though


Chrissie Red is off-line
25 August 2014 06:29
United Kingdom

I think it depends on who the model is to be honest.

I've known a couple of agency models who have got pregnant and worked pretty much right the way through while expecting - doing mother/pregnancy publications and modelling maternity wear - artistic nude bump shoots.

Then I've known other models who have maybe had a shoot or two towards the end of their pregnancy to show the bump off.

I've also known models who have gotten pregnant and walked away from modelling and lost most of the confidence they had in their body, plus their pregnancies were anything but "simple" and they spent many months feeling like Chrissie_Red is a naughty person so the last thing they wanted was photographic evidence of it.

If you are planning a pregnancy I strongly urge you to get a few shoots under your belt before the process begins. Shoots can be a marvellous way of getting a little confidence boost but there are times when it has the opposite effect and when your body is going through such a dramatic change I'm guessing it hits you even harder than it would normally.

Good luck

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