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Am I wasting my time?

Paul Jones is off-line
13 August 2014 11:27
United Kingdom

Quote from OldMaster need a portfolio with some decent images...

it will all start with paying for a decent portfolio...

Most models now seem to build up their portfiolio over a period of time rather than paying for one.

The images that Holly has on her profile show her face and figure.  I'm sure there will be dozens of photographers from the Greater Manchester / Lancashire / Cheshire region who would be pleased to arrange her first photoshoot.

Best regards
Paul (Glamour / Portraits / NSFW)

Paul Hodson is off-line
13 August 2014 14:03
United Kingdom

Quote from profilepictures
I just don't agree with this, I don't know any models who started out having to pay for a portfolio. The very best are scouted and get pictures for free, most others stand a good chance of TF ( time for pictures) with very competent amateurs or professionals. Rarely would you need to pay for pictures unless working with absolute superstars or the deluded. Avoid deluded photographers. Realistically unless you work to nude and higher levels, work with pay here is pretty limited and isn't a realistic income provider unless you put a bundle of travel time in for free.

Amateur - happy to do TF with models with potential and enthusiasm. Website:

Holly is off-line
14 August 2014 12:02

United Kingdom
Greater Manchester

I would like to take the time to say a big thank you, I know it was brave to put that up but I think it has answered my question. I do want to do it for fun and for me. Thank you all so much again xxxxx holly

Alan Johnson is off-line
15 August 2014 02:36
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

That's very good to hear Tina.  Relax and enjoy it.
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a motorbike and that's pretty close! :o)

Martin Robson is off-line
15 August 2014 17:12

United Kingdom


If you are serious about giving it a go I would suggest before you do a shoot with a photographer that you read a book called Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models by Roberto Valenzuela.

It will help you understand what makes up a good pose so you look natural and believable. It can be bought on Amazon.

If you do buy the book practice in front of a mirror until you feel confident then approach a photographer to do a collaboration - but choose one that knows how to pose properly - by reading the book it will help you to choose wisely.

Jason Garner is off-line
18 August 2014 00:08
United Kingdom

Certainly don't give up before you start lol, just on the strength of the pictures in your profile alone I'd do a paid shoot with you tomorrow Holly.

18 August 2014 02:49

Hi Holly, it has taken me 5 years to get to a standard where i believe i can compete with my fellow photographers so its not a quick process.
With regards to your modelling you need several things.
1esire to succeed and treat it like a business and be business like!
2:A good attitude towards it, always communicate and say no when you have to but never say nothing.
3:Good Communication.
4: A good face-you have that
5: A good figure-You have that and with an E bust I would suggest that Lingerie modelling may be your thing.
6: The desire to build a folio intitialy without being paid.
7: The ability to enjoy a shoot.

If your prepared to travel to Herts i will shoot you in a plush home studio and give you several looks. I also will arrange for the owner of the studio to shoot you as well so you would have two different styles. All it would cost you is the desire to do it, a train fare and a long day!

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