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15 July 2014 10:00
United Kingdom

Hello I am new to the site and modelling. I am looking for advice, hints and tips on how to get started
I am new to the page and modelling so any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

21 July 2014 01:46

Hiya Jadey
I'm a beginner myself....We've all got to start somewhere :-)
Some advice for you...Stick to your guns regarding your levels. Build up
your convidence first.
If you have a smart phone you can download some
free apps 'model poses' You can practice at home infront
of the mirror :-)
Reading the forums on here helps too.
There is lots of advice to be had.
Lastly ....Try and loose the 'selfies' and holiday snaps
as soon as you can.
Hope some of my ramblings help?
Good luck
Andy - comic2309

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