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DSLR Video

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18 June 2014 09:05
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Quote from basil
Would it be possible to take a still photograph and turn it into a 15 second video?

I've done this a couple of times already this week.

I'm doing a bit of work for a film distribution company, creating DCP's (Digital Cinema Package). A hard drive that goes off to the cinemas, with the movie on it.

When a film is certificated by the BBFC, all they send you is a large PNG image. I drop this into a timeline (Adobe Premiere), stretch it out as long as I need it (in my case 7 seconds), check the ratio's are the same as the film, add soundtrack if needed, then add the 7 second BBFC film to the front of the movie.

Not terribly difficult. But a little fiddly the first couple of times.

What you are trying to do is more or less the same thing. Drop the image into the timeline and either stretch it to 15 seconds, or duplicate the image (24 fps x 15 seconds = 360) 360 times and drop them all into the timeline (checking they drop in at 1frame each - if not recalculate). The first method is easier, but the seconds works just as well.


18 June 2014 09:29

There are a few threads on DSLR Video and I don't mean to hijack this one but instead of starting a new one;

Does anybody have any online examples of any type of work within which they use primarily dslr for video. Preferably with people not panning round a landscape etc of which there are many youtube examples. It's mainly the focussing and speed im looking for work examples on with regard to people, as this is the part I have struggled with the most in comparison to photography.

The type of vids best would be those like when someone records a photoshoot with a model to show the photo shoot day.

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18 June 2014 11:04
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A bunch of my earlier videos are shot on a DSLR, Canon 5d or 550d

s for the original question, the subject matter and the final destination of the video are quite important when looking at the kit you need. As an axample my 550d was great for video and didn't cost a fortune...
Video Shizzle

18 June 2014 12:05

Awesome exactly what I was looking for. Out of interest what were the settings for focus? Lens ? Great work.

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19 June 2014 16:42

United Kingdom

Quote from w4pictures
As I recall, some video cameras have an electronic shutter. This will sort out flicker unless its inconstant which it shouldn't be from normal national grid mains.

Use 25th sec (or multiples thereof for effect) in UK and Europe or 30th if across the pond.

However, I've found that even stills cameras with a preset frame rate of 30fps seem fine under flourescent light in UK.

If you can, ask the question on a video site for a more informed answer than this.

30fps will be OK if you use an exposure of 1/50th.

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