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Canon EOS 450D body PLUS flash Yong Nuo Speedlite 486 - in Barnsley

Thomas Jaciubek is off-line
29 April 2014 14:27

United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

DSLR body in full working order, there are some signs of use and few specs in a viewfinder. Flash in good condition, used with less than 20 sets of batteries.
Comes with:
-battery -in very good condition, enough for 800-900 shots in manual mode
-body cap
-SD memory card 4gb
If anyone interested I've got also a Helios 58mm f;2.0 in good condition with hood and rear cap, a M42/EOS adapter with chip.
I would recomend it as a beginners camera, small, cheap but enough for most applications.
Few examples taken with this set:

Profile Pictures is off-line
29 April 2014 18:37
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

My lads after a 450, what's your price please?

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