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Refill inks. PermaJet?

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12 April 2014 12:54
United Kingdom
Near East London

Quote from anthonyh
I threw my 2100 away...literally.....but despite using a CIS unit it wasn't messy.....just was a machine that many owners had problems with. And really not worth the R2880 is in a different league by comparison. That aside...if I still had one I would try dye inks with it....I did that with an R1800 and the results were impressive. Ended up dumping that as well...the print head packed up...a relatively common fault. Thankfully the R2880 performs faultlessly....I believe it has the same print head as the R3880.

I am optimistic about the 3880, the reviews are all good, so hopefully it too will perform faultlessly. I don't think I would like to use dye inks though. I want top quality prints, and ones that will last. I wonder how many on here have the 3880, and what they think about it, and what inks they use in it.


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