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faces is off-line
18 February 2014 00:05

United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear

I wonder what models and photographers hope to achieve by using this site. I normally use the site to look for models to work with in a studio. It seems that very few models, apart from the models that are marked as professional regularly update their profile with new photographs. It appears that many photographs, myself included, cannot afford to book models for paid work because it is becoming too expensive. For example, I booked a model and hired a studio for four hours recently and in addition to this the cost of travel, cost me nearly £250.00. Unless your work is of a very high standard and could be published, I now wonder whether it is worth the expensive. It is probably the same for many models on this site, their profiles have not been updated for years, possibly because no photographers are booking them, therefore they do not bother getting new photographer taken to attempt to get work.

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
18 February 2014 02:18
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

I simply enjoy shooting models for a hobby, this site facilitates that for me.

As hobbies go IMO it's debateable whether or not it's expensive as all hobbies end up needing a fat wallet once you're hooked.
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19 February 2014 06:36

Try outdoor locations FREE, models' houses/apartments FREE (usually), your own house/apartment FREE. I have used studios, but so infrequently that I'm not competent to get the most from them, so I'm much happier with my two flash system or natural light. I found a dance studio for £20 per hour, in London, which was fabulous for a one off. Total cost with model for two hours, £100. In the two hours we covered 95% of what I'd intended to do. Similarly I can used an oak panelled, very large room for the same amount. Tomorrow I'm shooting with yet another model from Purestorm. Yes, it is an expensive hobby, but if I were to play golf I'd probably want to go to Scotland and further abroad, and that would be equally expensive. I've weighed up the pros and cons, and love it as a hobby and therefore I'm happy to budget for it.

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