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Adobe CC price increase

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05 February 2014 13:28

just noticed today you can get Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 included for under £9.00/ month on 12 month contract

rtistik is off-line
06 February 2014 02:27

United Kingdom
East Sussex

I have been paying £15.88 but in March it will increase to £21.91.
I appreciate that the educational rate is still cheaper than the full price, and I obviously expected it to increase, but It's the rate of increase that I'm commenting on.

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
06 February 2014 02:40
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Most people probably use the educational versions commercially anyway and it's likely that even genuine students could still afford the increase in cost.

I'd hazard a guess that the 'need' for an increase may well be a sign that not as many people signed up to the CC subscription model as they'd hoped for and increasing the cost of the commercial one probably isn't viable as it's pretty expensive anyway and an increase may drive commercial users to consider alternatives (especially considering most users will probably only use two or three apps from CC).  Increasing the cost of the insanely cheap educational version seems a sensible way to get more revenue.
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Anthonygh is off-line
06 February 2014 05:08

United Kingdom

There has been a lot of debate on the American fredmiranda site regarding the CC subscription model and if photographers on there put their money where their mouths are there has been an exodus from Adobe in the past year, or a determination to stick with CS6 and Lightroom and explore alternative software.

It would follow therefor that those that signed up will be shafted to make up for the lost revenue....but I suspect Adobe doesn't mind the loss of custom as those remaining are now a captive audience to be milked at leisure.

My suggestion is to do what the Yanks seem to be doing....ask what is so essential about subscribing to CC and then see what alternatives are out there that have similar capabilities.....there are quite a few it seems, with LR being just one option.

As for the education option, I am surprised Adobe do it anyway. I taught for some years and didn't ever meet a student who paid to use PS as pirating the stuff was so easy. This was not lost revenue for Adobe as I doubt any of them would have bought the software...they wouldn't be able to afford it in most instances. Many enthusiasts probably use the education package but I wonder how many of them will remain with Adobe if the price is hiked?

Nige Nw is off-lineSilver Member
06 February 2014 08:32
United Kingdom

There were introductory offers on around last year (around April/May IIRC) and many of these were 'introductory rates' which were due to more or less double on renewal to the full price.

This included the full CC suite and the then single app (e.g. Photoshop)

After the backlash they changed the photoshop offer to include LR etc and for a 'limited' time be at a lower but significantly not the 'introductory' rate. They have not said what it will actually renew at but I am sure they are bound to it being close to what it is now.

The 'limited time' offer has been extended a few times and currently seems to be on a bit longer.

I initially took out the Photoshop single app which was automatically transferred to the photoshop / LR bundle and is due for renewal in a couple of months so it will be interesting to see what it does actually renew at

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