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compact flash card

Neil Anderson is off-line
12 January 2014 09:30
United Kingdom
West London

Quote from mph
Not much of a problem if it extracts the full size jpg though long as you buy the right camera !!!
Like any dealer he was watching for the card that is so high and wild he'll never need to deal another...

David Hunt is off-line
26 January 2014 18:01

United Kingdom

The OP is not talking about the tiny jpegs that are created for viewing on the LCD? And, that are stored on the card until it has been reformatted?

If you do not format your card after every use, they will soon fill the card up if you shoot regularly.

05 February 2014 10:33

I initial on canons turned off my jpeg but then had set the jpeg up as small thus at the end of a shoot you can quickly give a copy to the model to select her images from this buys the photographer time in not having to rush a finished set so when the model has chosen you either have some finished already or have a good idea the way you'd like to process them
Their fore everyone's happy. I've never had a complaint with not keeping them waiting using this method more final result as a matter of fact it helps as you can set them up for the web and then not worry how fast the model places them on the portfolio.
Like I had explained long time ago if you do your best when taking the shot you save time on processing

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