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pregnant and modelling?

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25 November 2013 20:36

Has any one found it difficult to do shoots while pregnant.. ie lack of shoots etc
I haven't been on in a while and was just wondering whether it'd b worth waiting till after baby's born to start. I'm 5 months pregnant but with a slight visible bump.

Just curious lol

Kayleigh xx

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25 November 2013 21:08
United Kingdom
West Lothian and Edinburgh

Loads of models continue modelling while pregnant, there are plenty of togs who want to add pregnancy portraits to their portfolios and will happily pay a good model for such shots, or if you try and go the TF* route you'd get photos to look back on too. Art nude is probably the most popular kind of bump shoot and when done well, it can be beautiful. Those kind of shots look better with a bigger bump, although not quite at the ready-to-pop stage, as then a shoot can become uncomfortable for the model (sore back and feet etc.) Some people shoot pregnant glamour, which isn't for everyone of course. While your bump is still barely visible or very small, you may be able to get away with regular clothed shoots if the clothing isn't close-fitting. Beauty portraiture shots can be done throughout a pregnancy as they tend to focus on the face (although if the extra baby weight includes a double chin, that kind of work will probably be limited.)

Congratulations by the way.
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25 November 2013 21:13

I havent gained any extra weight while pregnant especially on face which I'm grateful for except for on top. Unless you know me you wouldn't know I was pregnant.
I have seen a few art nude pregnant bump shoots and they are lovely.
Nice to know that people can still do shoots while pregnant. I just wasn't sure as I haven't done any for a while and wasn't sure if it would be best to wait till after the birth.

Many thanks for your advice

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25 November 2013 23:43
United Kingdom

Just finished a project involving a pregnant lass (in my profile), there is 'work' but with Scotland being Scotland you may or may not find someone. It comes down to if you want to be paid or not. |

27 November 2013 12:43

Thanks and I'm actually between Scotland and Derbyshire at the minute but I'm in Glasgow at the min which is why I changed the location. So I'm not restricted to just Scotland.

Many thanks.

29 November 2013 11:02

Hiya Kayleigh, I did lots of pregnancy modelling but mainly from 6/7 months as I wasn't showing a lot.

I would cut your hours of shooting to say 4/6 hours a day it gets tiring the further you go along.

If you got somewhere to shoot or a studio by you it's great, towards the end I found travelling to get uncomfortable.

You can still model after having a baby, I was back within 2 weeks I just wanted to get out there and you need a day away from being a mum.

Hope all goes well.
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29 November 2013 11:15

+1 for purple-girl's thoughts. Unless someone is wanting to do a time lapse sequence of pregnancy photos I guess the main market for pregnant models might well be towards the end of term. So I would guess you might see demand pick up then. Overall demand for heavily pregnant model might be lower than that of totally non-pregnant models, but the supply will be very very limited, so the demand for you per se might well be quite high.

I did a shoot with Cassie from here when she was near term and got some good shots and shots I think I could improve upon. Classic nudes seemed to work quite well. If you are near Derbyshire I'd love to shoot you nearer time.

03 December 2013 19:48

Thanks for all the advice and help given. Much appreciated.

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03 December 2013 22:05

United Kingdom

There are still lots of magazine and stock opportunities for pregnant models.Parent and Child Etc.

The photographs date very quickly because fashion changes and gadgets do as well. But only pro's will be looking at the commercial side. Hobby photographers, who are totally ok (that's why they call it a hobby) wont get you published but may well do good work to your and their portfolio and possibly pay you.

And congratulations on the bump.

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