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Finding a model

08 February 2014 07:34

Quote from Black_Country_Bloke

Stacey has kindly offered a great shoot at a great rate and I will definitely be following this up. This will be a great start to my new portfolio.

As it's been 3 months since you said this (and as someone's resurrected this thread), I thought I'd have a peek at your profile, see how the shoot with Stacey turned out. Looks like it never happened in the end then. Or indeed any other shoot with any other model.

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09 February 2014 23:25
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

An awkward sort of train crash there then. Kinda points to the rules, if you want shoots with good models you either have to reassure them they'll be financially rewarded for their efforts, or pretty certain of something that'll make their portfolio a prettier place. Outside those options, blithering and whinnying isn't going to fill that memory card.

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