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Child Modelling and Acting Agencies

15 November 2013 16:36

I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any good modeling and acting agencies based in wales or england?
My niece is 2 and she is so alert and follows instructions and loves singing etc... it would be ideal for her so if any of you know people could you advise that would be fab.

Thanks in advance guys xxx

Harpy_images is off-line
15 November 2013 17:35
United Kingdom
South Glamorgan
Barry Cardiff

How flexible timewise is her mam, many of the castings are London based and within 24 hours of a phonecall..
How is your neice with strangers?
How much free cash do they have for travel to castings etc?
It can be VERY expensive, short notice..and for every cute kid there are many any more attending the same casting from various agencies.
How is she with strangers, is she outgoing and interactive?
How does she interact with the camera/lights, possibly LOTS of distractions?

Your best bet is to approach places like Scallywags, Elizabeth Smith, Boss, Bruce and Brown, truly scrumptious, Gingersnap, Daisy and Dukes etc with a few simple snaps to see if they would be interested but e prepared that the vast majority of them prefer the child to be based in the m25 area.
You have a deeply disturbed yet strikingly fascinating thought process; like an accident involving a car full of supermodels, so beautiful and bad you just can't take your eyes off of it

Hannah Louise is off-line
17 November 2013 12:40
United Kingdom

I have a friend who was a child model through Impact Models, it's an agency based between Liverpool and Manchester.

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