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New pictures even some smiles :)

Catherine is off-lineSilver Member
09 November 2013 19:05
United Kingdom
West Midlands

I have put up some new pictures. Don't know what you think but i like them. Not sporty this time and shock horrot there are some smiles eventually. Changed one to the main image too.
Easiest to see on the recently added images.
I once spent a weekend in Bath, with ass-kicking mum of 8 Miss Cath. No offence to this mummy, the play-fighting was funny. But now I might need an Osteopath! by Laya Randle-Conde

10 November 2013 09:31

Looking at the Nov 9th adds, you need to work on your expressions - the shots alternate between bored and confused. With the main image, the background just looks like it was given no consideration and you look like you just want to be elsewhere.

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