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Reputable Modelling Agencies - Advice Please :-)

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Dragon Graffix is off-line
24 September 2013 11:32

United Kingdom

Would any of you kind people be able to tell me whether you have had direct experience with reputable modelling agencies, and who these agencies are?

It is just I was asked this question by a model I recently photographed (not a member of these sites) who I believe to possibly have a future in modelling. I do not want to recommend to her anything other than trusted agencies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
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Kevin Wilson is off-line
24 September 2013 15:11
United Kingdom
Kings Lynn

Check out AMA , Association of Model Agents for list of reputable agencies , or The Freelance Photographers Market Handbook also list reputable agencies. The  handbook is yearly publication and available on Amazon.

Hope that helps.

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