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New Portfolio: Liam Ward

08 August 2013 14:49

So I am pretty new to the whole modelling industry and if you could check out my online portfolio and give me some good points, bad points, area's for improvement that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Laura McIntyre (née Ford) is off-line
08 August 2013 21:31
United Kingdom
West Lothian and Edinburgh

Hiya Liam, my main critique would be to work on your expressions in future; you have the same bemused look in all your current images, chucking an image of you smiling on your port would be good. The opportunities for male modelling (especially internet modelling) are far smaller than that of females, there is less demand generally, so working out if you have a USP (unique selling point) would be advantageous. If nothing else, hopefully you'll be able to have fun, meet some nice people and get some nice images of yourself.
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