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12 June 2013 12:41

Looking for a bit of advice. Me and a photographer are at a bit of a stand still and wondering how all you lovely models and photographers work around this, what is the norm, and what isn't regarding travel?

A photographer who is some distance from me would like to work with me TF* he has kindly offered to pay for my train and hotel as it is some distance it is quite costly. I am ever so appreciative of the opportunity to work with him and him covering the cost of travel.

However I am not wanting to fork out for trains and hotel and then no photographer shows up, or turns up but states he will pay at the end of the day and doesn't, or any other excuse that I'm sure are many models have heard the horror stories of.

But on the flip side the photographer doesn't want fork out any money prior to the shoot encase I don't turn up, or any of the other horror stories photographers have heard of.

I mentioned half or some to be given prior to shoot and I would scan through and email train and hotel tickets and information so he could see that any money sent to me has been spent on what is agreed and that I too have paid for the rest of the travel and that I was genuine and honestly planning to turn up.

But again with the above we are at a standstill....Maybe we both have deep rooted trust issues?

Am I being silly and unreasonable? What is the norm regarding travel? and how do you work around these issues?

Thanks in advance. xx

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12 June 2013 15:01
United Kingdom

Model pays their travel regardless, but then if its to be paid as part of the fee / TFP arrangement to the model, they get paid at the end of the shoot.

If there are trust issues either way, the shoot shouldn't really happen, particularly if one of you stands to lose out a lot.

People have to make some decisions to trust the other person but that also needs to be founded on sound judgement. If you are travelling, check out his references and where you will be shooting - studio, location, hotel or his home. Alternatively, if he is willing to pay your travel, suggest he travels to you instead? But then will he trust that you will show?
If you have to ask why I do it, you will never understand the reason why

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12 June 2013 17:36


Only shoot paid work!

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