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What to do?

21 April 2013 14:56

I'm rather new to Pure storm and modelling. As you will see there isn't much on my profile. I'm wondering what do to in terms of creating a stronger portfolio and what my profile is lacking?
I know it's clearly lacking photos! But what kind? what style? As before contacting photographers I would like to have some ideas and I feel a bit lost in what is needed most and is a higher priority to gain first to create a stronger portfolio.
Also could I ask is there anything that would put photographers off within my profile?
Sorry for all the questions just want to aim for the best i can possibly do.

21 April 2013 15:18

Only you can answer what kind / what style, noone can tell you what you should be doing - it's personal choice. Bottom line is that what's needed, is whatever direction you want to go in.

That said, a good full length and a good portrait never hurt. I'm not quite sure whats going on it that "fashion" shot, but you look about 3 foot tall!
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Chrissie Red is off-line
21 April 2013 15:30
United Kingdom

As above it depends on where you want your modelling to go.

Have you tried any pin up type shoots? I think they would suit you and your figure really well.

One thing I will say is that I love your profile notes, they are refreshingly honest in terms of experience and expectations and they make you come across as somebody who is happy to try new things and expand on what they have.

Also you have a beautiful smile, especially in this shot
So don't be afraid to use it :-)

My only "tip" is be selective with whom you work, stick to your levels and continue to have fun modelling!

All the best


Jesfish is off-line
21 April 2013 15:31
United Kingdom

It depends what your aims are?  Where do you want your modelling to go?  Are you doing it for a hobby or do you want to earn money from it?

You say you want to do plus sized modelling, so I'm guessing as you don't work to nude, that you mean fashion.  You need to look at some plus sized fashion models. 

22 April 2013 09:13

Thanks for all your help and advice everyone. Definitely got some ideas now on what to do. Like getting a full length image that doesn't make me look 3ft tall haha.

22 April 2013 10:22

Hi Corrall,

I agree with all the advice so far, I think there is a weird giant step which is making you look really short when you are not! Contact some photographers in your area and see if anyone is happy to shoot TFCD.

As for the kinds of images, why not google some plus size agencies and have a look at their portfolios. It is great to get an idea of the types of images you might want to aim for, and it's also very inspiring to see girls of all shapes and sizes

Best of luck!

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