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Advice please

19 April 2013 09:18

I've been doing glamour modelling for over a year now! Yes i love doing it BUT....

Maybe i've had enough, should i look onto other things?

I've been to the agency Sam Bound, they told me i should do commercial modelling! They said i could make loads of money, i'd have to change my look though i.e. no hair extentions, natural hair colour, less make up! Which i'm actaully fine with because i fancy a change of look! At the time i told them i wasn't prepared to change my look and never got back in contact with them but i feel now i'd like to give it a go!

Only thing is i've not given glamour a good go! I've never tried to be published in the mags or papers, something i'd quite like to do!

What do you think ?

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19 April 2013 10:02
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Kings Lynn

Heyy, I think you deffinately have the right look to be published in glamour mags etc... but i agree you also have a great commercial look too, and i personally dont think you would need to change your look too much perhaps go for a slightly darker more natural blonde abd you dont wear over the top make up either so just go for a less eyeliner and more natural tones and you would be good to go. Personaly im not guaranteed as i havnt done this but from what i know commercial is harder to get into than glamour mags but it is worth it if you do as commercial models normally get paid a lot per job, but then so does glamour, dont know what to recommend but you can do both if you put your mind to it Good Luck! xx

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19 April 2013 10:43
United Kingdom

No idea at all if you could make a success of it or not. Depends on your looks but also very much on your personality and determination.
My advice would be at 19 you have nothing to loose so give it a go if you think you have what it takes.

19 April 2013 12:15

Think I agree with the agency you have the hight and look.

Would not worry about make up as that will be done for you, hair agree would need to look less glam.

Size wise at a 10 your not an 8 which could be the only v minor issue.

You have lots of experience have a lot of good feedback, sound quite professional and are not shy about your body.

If I gave your current portfolio on PS to most of my clients they would not hire you, but different hair and images and they would.

The the commercial work exclusive of glamour work, would loosing the hair extensions loose you the glamor jobs?

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