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A career without nude

14 April 2013 08:22

Hey thanks

I'm studying performing arts right now so the whole modelling thing ties in nicely and it means I can build up a portfolio for pretty much free which is great. Right now I'm on Purestorm and Model Mayhem.


14 April 2013 08:40

Yes it is possible I don't do nude and I'm also a little on the large size, in the modelling world.

I have a 'career' in modelling, that is I regularly earn money as a model but it isn't my sole source of income. I know models who regularly appear in magazines/ fashion shows etc, but still have another 'day' job.

You need to work out what you have to offer, as a model.

No fashion agency will take you as you are too short (sounds a bit harsh sorry), but commercial agencies might, so that might be something to look into. Have you tried joining any casting sites, along the lines of starnow?
Great for people starting out in modelling and performing arts etc.

You might want to look into promotional work, they often need good looking guys for promotions, and I know many promotional agencies who regularly offer modelling castings.

Be careful of anything too good to be true, and never pay to join an agency. It's also good if you have transport connections to a big city.

Good Luck!

14 April 2013 09:17

Thanks for the advice

Yeah I am definitely a bit on the short side!

Yeah maybe I could look at some commercial agencies down the line, I guess right now the best thing for me is to just gain experience and build up my portfolio, and of course have fun


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15 April 2013 04:13
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United Kingdom

In terms of finding work I think you will have an edge over some other male models due to your performing arts skills.  The two can tie in nicely.  I believe Joel Hicks is a dancer.

I think you need to sort out your profile.  You are clearly very good looking but most of the images do you no justice, plus you have too many similar ones.  Anyone looking for nude images will look at your port and assume that's what you are most keen to do, and most photographers don't read notes!...even if they do, your pics are a contradiction of your aims.

I'd advise you to get a variety of images, perhaps from different photographers...some high fashion style and commercial.  Just because you are a little on the short side for runway, doesn't mean there isn't paid work out there for you in fashion.  There are lots of shows going on all the time.  There is a fashion life outside of London fashion week!  I'm not a high fashion model but I have modelled for many fashion shows and features...all paid work.  I've also been published numerous times in brochures, photography magazines, small advertising campaigns and local fashion magazines..again, all paid!  I am also a glamour model.  What I'm trying to say is; there is work out there and it's not all high profile.  I'm with a local agency who have got me lots of work.  You could try agencies but as stated by someone else, don't pay them!  To have more of a chance of work you have to be versatile and seek out the rarely comes to you! 

It might also help to have some images showing more of your performing arts.  Be careful with these though as if not done well, they can look tacky!  You could contact some photographers whose work you like and see if they are interested in collaborating, if not, offer to pay.  I think you would really benefit from some amazing images.  There are some fabulous photographers around, with both professional and amateur status!

The first thing that strikes me about you is your ability to communicate well.  Believe me, this is rare!  I think it will help enormously when finding work.

Best of luck 

15 April 2013 08:43

Hey there

Yeah my portfolio needs more variety, since I've been on here I've need really messaged anyone, I've just passively taken the jobs that I have been offered so far but like you said I could get in contact with a bunch of photographers that would benefit my portfolio and hopefully that will open me up to a larger range of work in the future.

It would probably be wise for me to get portfolio work based around my acting and dancing.

Thank you and thanks to everyone that had replied. It helps a great deal, especially as I am a noobie haha

Best wishes


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