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Fujifilm X Pro 1

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17 November 2013 07:19
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Quote from mph
Well I only have the 5D Mk 1 so I'm keeping in step! I used the Fuji on location for a model shoot and it was OK but the slower focussing in a studio is trickier. Best to use a larger focussing area and if shooting at f8 or something similar, switch to manual focus, turn on focus peeking, and then just get into the right zone and fire away, you have a big enough depth of field to not worry about nailing the eyeball with the focus point each time and its much faster to keep shooting.

Fortunately the x-e2 has PDAF as well as contract detection, so it focuses very well. I've tried it in darkish ambient light conditions at f2.8 and f8 and it's locked first time. Focus wise it seems to performs about as well my 5D.

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