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life drawing modeling

Amber West is off-line
20 March 2013 04:03
United Kingdom
Dumfries and Galloway

Try Cziiki on here - Malcolm Mellon, he runs evening art classes that she can life model for. Know Malcolm for ages and modeled for his classes since I began modeling they're 2hrs and easy going

Amanda Degas is off-line
20 March 2013 04:12

United Kingdom

Quote from Paulspics21
I did a shoot with a model the other week who said she also does life modelling and is a member of the Register of Artists Models (RAM). Never heard of it myself but probably worth a look if interested.

You have to do an unpaid audition for RAM and pay to be a member so not worth while for a one off - unless she counts the audition as her 'one of'. Amanda

21 March 2013 08:43

Over the years, when I've had time to lifemodel, I've found lifemodelling very easy to find. You just find local colleges and library evening classes etc. and offer. It's rare for them to not need new models. It's not easy to do and it's poorly paid but they will welcome you with open arms if you can stay still - harder than it might seem. 45 minutes in 1 position for about £12.50 an hour? MUCH harder than photographic modelling.
Fun, friendly and experienced mature model with lively personality and youthful figure!

Victoria Howard is off-line
26 March 2013 05:43
Make-up Artist

I worked as a life model for 8 years until I started to get back problems.

Its just a matter of approaching the local colleges and unis, asking them if they need a model, filling out a form, going to a interview, going on the colleges mandatory health and safety lecture, turning up and working, sending off a pay claim, waiting to get paid. - Sometimes it can end up not being worth it, as the college might give you as few as 2 4 hour session over the course of a year, other times you can get heaps of hours.  You can also end up on short contracts, which give you few long term employment rights or benefits, It also depends a lot on the tutor, I've worked with some really nice tutors and students and I have also ended up having to work in a freezing cold building with no heating and dirty floors covered in drawing pins. 

Same with artists, I tend to find once you know one artist, they will then recommend you to their friends and it just grows form there. You can also respond to gumtree, Craigslist jobs, I met some really great artists doing this and some weirdos.  One artists I worked for every month for 5 years.

Its much harder on the body than photowork, you need to warm up before you start and be able to hold a pose for long periods of time, even after a short break. 

The pay £10-£20.00 a hour usually. However bear in mind if you end up doing short sessions, then you have to factor in travel time and travel costs, tax, insurance, pensions, union fees,  the take home pay can work out to be a lot less.  You will need a dressing gown, a matt or a cushion (amazing the number of places that dont have a cushion).

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