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Petite model trying to find Agency Work

Marie Louise is off-lineSilver Member
04 March 2013 19:27
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

I'm wanting to join model agencies but I'm finding it very difficult as they have a required height and I'm only 5"1' and seem to struggle.
Can anyone help me with this?

04 March 2013 20:07

If you're too short, you're too short, and that's the end of it. You can try for glamour agencies, which don't normally have a minimum height, or possibly agencies skewed towards the commercial end of the market. I can't recommend any though as I don't know your area.

You have a really nice look. But unfortunately, if you don't meet agencies' criteria, there's nothing you can do it about it.
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05 March 2013 05:00

The only agencies that are likely to take you on are the less reputable ones who's main aim is to take your money, too many girls are obsessed with being "agency represented" when the reality is a good percentage of those that are with agencies dont get any work anyway.
Sorry if it sounds harsh but 5'1 is just too short for agency work, that doesnt mean you cant earn money on sites like this though if you promote yourself well.

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