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babe chat tv chanels????

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20 March 2013 18:12

Quote from John_Adrian_Studios
One little question and the fur flies! 

Unfortunately, that's the way it always seems to go on here. Hopefully Rebecky (the OP) will see that there're far more positive comments for her on this thread than negative ones.

Sapphire is off-lineSilver Member
21 March 2013 08:29
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

I gave a helpful response to this a week ago and I just came back to check on it and WOW lol i love how out of hand these things get so quickly lmao

It used to take me 3 hours each way
They film between 10pm and 5.30pm depending on your shift
Studio just let me go though lol so i no longer recommend them (haha being super fickle)

I can say though it is ok money - better if you live closer to one

There ISNT one in Sheff anymore I don't think it moved

And yeah physically choose to pick up that phone - ring me - and get themselves off - you do have to talk dirty on night shows - no one forces guys to ring up - its COMPLETELY up to the individual girl if they want to do that job AND the individual man if they wish to ring up
The prices are on the screen and calls time out after 20 mins
If you don't like it - don't watch - don't call - don't belittle people going to work, paying taxes and contributing to society
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21 March 2013 09:06

Well said Sapphire

21 March 2013 09:40

I have just joined this 'forum' having not been on the site for a while. As far as I know all the channels are very down south. I know where a few are but won't list them here. I gave up tv after Sport went into liquidation 18 months ago - they were nearer to me. Regarding 'chat', I just work from home now on a couple of phone chat lines. Happy to recommend them although they don't pay too well. That said, after travel and accommodation, the tv work was never exactly brilliant either!
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Aimee Curry is off-line
24 March 2013 21:55
United Kingdom
Milton Keynes

Quote from OldMaster
"So you lie on a bed, talking about the weather and getting paid good money - and we should feel bad for exploiting that and not using our brains? Its 2013, that's life"

Depends of course on whether you put money before ethics but I suspect "ethics" has actually been removed from the dictionary by many of the current generation.

It's certainly true that you can talk about the weather while some guy is masturbating or fantasising whilst watching you..but, hey, it's 2013, that's life..and you don't actually even need to be "pretty"!!!

No point doing something relevant, worthwhile or of some value when you can make dosh as easily as that. Whilst women are prepared to be sex objects just for money then you have to ask if they are doing the female race any favours?

Most of these guys probably require "help" of a different kind but why not exploit will never need to meet them or see them face to face?

But, like I say, don't worry girls, at least you can make some money, the only thing that seems to have any relevance these days.

Well said

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25 March 2013 04:37

Re some previous comments. I found it was very much the girls being exploited in the tv channels. The amount of money taken by the 'company' compared to the pay received was pitiful (it's the same on home chat - as low as 10p a minute when the guy pays over a quid a minute). Sitting awkwardly on a bed or sofa for 8 hours (and in my case) talking virtually non-stop from 9am to 5am was extraordinarily hard and demanding work. As far as the guys being exploited, I have got callers who remain with me on the phone chat at home who I have talked to (and had letters from etc. to my pobox etc) for over 7 years. I have been far more than a sexy lady - I have (and continue) to be a confidante, a virtual friend, a counsellor and someone who 'listens'. I have callers who have lost their wifes (elderly) who relive their sexy moments with me in a most endearing and heartfelt way, I have young callers who are finding their way in the world (in all areas) and many 'solo' men of middle age who are single, sometimes happy about it, sometimes not, and who really enjoy having me as an 'anchor' in their lifes to talk to. I have been told to take up counselling many times but these guys would never considering 'help' like that. I (and other girls on the tv) are a real 'service' to these guys. Like' most jobs there are the girls who are less 'able' at anything other than their scripted 'talk' and with whom the guys can't connect in other than a very superficial way, but for every girl like that there is one who is truly valuable in many many ways. It's just a shame the companies take such a BIG percentage. After travel and accommodation to any tv channel now I would actually lose money. At least at home I don't spend a fortune on make-up, clothes and these other tv necessities. And remember too - no guy is forced to ring up a lady - it's their free choice, and in many cases a good choice. This is supposed to be world full of communcation but I've found there are many MANY lost people out there grasping for a friendly face and kind words. I gave (and give that) and am proud of it.
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