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Anyone doing anything for Comic Relief?

18 February 2013 07:47

Would be great to know if anyone was taking part in anything for comic relief this year! What wacky ideas do you have?
"I do this because Im having fun. The minute I stop having fun, I'll just walk away"- Heath Ledger

18 February 2013 07:52

Nothing this year, but a few years ago I ate a box of ham and mustard crisps (40 packets) for comic relief.
I was laid up for a week afterwards, but raised a few quid for the more needy .

18 February 2013 08:50

Been trying to organise something for the local 501st to do, but to no avail.
Modesty is just arrogance in stealth mode

Mike Croshaw is off-line
18 February 2013 09:07
United Kingdom

I ran my first half marathon for Comic Relief a couple of years ago This year I'm hauling my flabby frame around the same course for cancer research, so no energy left for CR! But I will probably donate something!

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