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17 February 2013 10:34
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

Quote from LouiseBon
hi all, well as a model one of my ultimate goals is to get published in some i'd like some advice on how to maximise my chances of doing so please. I've been told to send images into every lad's mag/tattoo mag that has a 'bedroom babes/real girls' section?will that help? or do i just wait and hope i get noticed? lol any advice will be great,thank you

Whilst sending free pictures to magazines may fulfil the term 'published' legally, don't expect anyone whose opinion matters to place any value on it, vanity publication is worthless to all but those involved in it. 

The trick is to be the best model you can be, work to the best of your ability on every shoot, select who you shoot with carefully, photographers with a track record of real publication work under their belt will get you the chance of being published in a way people will respect. Hard work, ability and business acumen will get you there (if there is a reaistic place), sending a picture of yourself with your boobs out to Nuts is not an acheivment, and can be a negative for a lot of people.
"I am the one who knocks" - Walter White

Oliver Cook is off-line
17 February 2013 16:45

As many have hinted at, 'publishing' isn't what it used to be these days. Anything and everything online is 'published', and then the boundaries between 'traditional' publications and contemporary media is blurring daily. As others have pointed out many magazines these days rely on free submitted images, and are no different in effect to sites like and others of their ilk... and they are no different to blogs really, which is no different from what you can do yourself.

I suspect the OP is thinking along the lines of days gone traditional publications, of which there are fewer and fewer, and those still going rely almost entirely on very tight, very established networks, thus they are almost impenetrable to newcomers unless they can worm their way in with the right people. But hey, do you really want to be part of something that is dying a slow, tortured, agonising death?

17 February 2013 17:31

Quote from artistoli
But hey, do you really want to be part of something that is dying a slow, tortured, agonising death?


Printed magazine circulation figures are getting so bad [e.g. Loaded 34,505 ave per month 2011] that some don’t even publish them anymore. Which means they will probably die out even quicker as advertisers don’t know the actual size of the audience.

This is from last August, don’t expect better news this year…

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18 February 2013 15:21

United Kingdom

"ultimate goals" ??
It only happens all the time.

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