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Webcam modelling - more info?!

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14 February 2013 10:14
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Quote from RubyRosetta
I don't really see much need for making a distinct between modelling and webcamming, modelling and sex work etc. There is a very fine between the two, and if you are able to make a fun and honest living out of doing either, that's the main thing. A huge majority of models on purestorm will have, at some point, appeared in an image or video that has been used as 'masturbation fodder'. I think that the best webcamming site would probably be adultwork. You don't have to offer free chat on adultwork, so avoid beggars/freeloaders. But, everyone likes different ways of working. You will notice that it is very easy to see nudity for free on some sites, but this is forbidden on adultwork. There is no pressure to do anything you don't want to on adultwork. A good method of avoiding nudity is to do pro domme work, although this is certainly not an easy option; you would need to thoroughly research it beforehand. Some girls just can't do it. If you want to do it, then have a go... It is certainly no less noble a career than conventional modelling, and I've met many intelligent and successful ladies who work in this industry.

This is spot on - Iv used Adultwork for years and just use it to boost earnings when I have a a few days without model bookings but just to confirm you will get alot of guys asking the higher end of the adult spectrum - I do full adult anbd I still get guys asking for more and more and they often want to hear you - so yes dirty tak may be involved - and c2c (cam to cam) where they watch you. But you CAN set your levels to what your comfortable with but be prepared for people asking for more. 
And also YES they can be recorded!

It is a great way of boosting your income whilst working at home - sometimes i even do cleaning shows where i just clean my houe naked while they watch like a voyeur show so kills two birds with one stone haha!
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