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Glamour Photography Workshop Wiltshire 14th April 2013

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10 February 2013 10:38

My 2013 season of workshops continues with my Secrets Of Glamour Photography Workshop which takes place on Sunday 14th April 2013 at Spitfire Studios, Swindon Wiltshire

Our model for the event is the lovely Chacha

I'm really pleased to be visiting Spitfire Studios in Swindon and this workshop so here's one for all you keen glamour photographers based in that area.

Would you like to improve your skills of working in many shooting situations and be able to make the very most of your lighting and set building skills to produce creative results?

Would you like to learn how to build a great reputation by knowing how to say and do all the right things to make a model feel comfortable and confident and so help to bring out her best in your pictures?

Do you feel you could improve your model photography if you had someone with more than three decades of experience to teach you at your own pace?

My workshops really are workshops. You'll receive tuition, guidance, advice and the tips and tricks no one else wants you to know and you'll be shooting with our lovely model.

You'll learn
Secrets of good communication with models
Secrets of lighting for the studio
Secrets of exposure and understanding your histogram
Secrets of easy white balance
Secrets of posing
Secrets of shooting to a theme
Secrets of retouching and skin smoothing in Photoshop

It's only £95 and refreshments are included and places are selling fast!

Full details are on my website

Read what other people have to say about my workshops.

Please mail me to book a place

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